Friday, 1 March 2013

Learn about Leon and his struggle for justice.

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Leon Benson an African American man, has been an innocent prisoner in the state of Indiana struggling to obtain his over due exoneration the past 13 years with no luck. He is falsely convicted of the crime of murder. With every claim of innocence there must exist corroborating evidence (i.e. physical, DNA, technical, or testimonial evidence). And in his case the exonerating evidence is testimonial. So, the search for truth will come down to examining one persons statement over another. This task was given to 12 jurors. Unfortunately, in today's American society a white person's word is still valued over a black person's word, no matter how illogical the white person's word may be. And this point is evident by how Christy Schmitt's (white person) illogical identification of me being the killer - let alone the other evidence the contradicted her testimony and identification. Being that the exonerating evidence in his case is testimonial, He has provided those actual documents in an organized way to demonstrate his actual innocence. What is bad about cases such as his is bent on testimony from the prosecution and defense is that there is room for the perception of that testimony to be undermined and manipulated by the prosecution, which is what happened in his case.

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