Tuesday, 19 February 2013




This epidemic's outta order, Confiscated from our lives: Queen Mothers, Queen Sistas, & Queen daughters, Smogged like illicit drugs Accross multi-boarders, ....of inner-cities & 3rd world counties Easily by-passing De-fenses, Of our indifference, Masked in justifications Of another female's body snatched as her merely seeking ATTENTION! Or as just as another runaway, Hitch hiking on the free-way, in pursuit of some dumb boyfriend walking side-ways, So we wish: "It'd all go away!" While another victim's face is plastered, Ona telephone pole or milk carton While some low-life bastard, Or better yet some swine, Is forcing some pre-teen girl into a concubine, prositute or sex slave, or held in bondage in a sweat shop hid in some remote cave, or in your next door neighbor's cellar, while spinning us like propellers, But dont get it twisted all the prepetrators arent just fellas, They're women too making these human sacrifices, to the putrid vices, Of Capitalism's duplicit speils, Of get wealthy by any means even if you gotta kill, ....manipulate kids & the poor to do your dirty work: sucking off your johns sowing your fabric & titling your feilds, Barely feeding them meals While you make mill$, PEOPLE! THIS HUMAN TRIFFICING THING IS REAL, Just ask the sistas Cyntoia Brown & Sara Krusan, They'll tell you what's going on, if you dont already smell the shit on America's front lawn, But dont get me wrong... It's bigger than just female X-scorting, It startem with corperate labor out-sourcing, To exploit the slave labor of poor peoples in the 3rd world, Come one, come all esp. the women & the girls, As far as the Phlippines & as close as Milwaukee, & as close as your designer bags high priced gym shoes over priced jeans or new l-phone just to look foxy, -You'r supporting Human Traffing by proxy, Few victims are lucky enough to be returned home like Samantha Smart, Or have THE HEART, to escape their capture like seven year old Patrica Pratt, Better yet go check the U.N's stats, everything i'm telling you are facts, Including this peice being more than a conscientious rant, So before i allow these PLUTOCRATS... To start stamping all of our Beautiful Sistas with bar-codes, THIS IS MY PUBLIC EMBARGO, Forbiding all Human Trafficing throughout the world!

 by- leon benson (feb. 13, 2013)

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