Friday, 15 March 2013


  Hi everyone out there, I pray my memo finds you well and in divine spirit.

we've been making  lot of progress with things concerning the movement lately, If you're out the loop check the public address on the FLB page just above, All of your efforts are wanted to fulfill goals listed there.

right now we're embarking upon a new frontier, yet something I need since

the beginning of this unjust ordeal; local Indiana support. whats crazy is that i have supporters worldwide, but few to none in the city and state my wrongful conviction occurred.

on the Indianapolis, Indiana courtroom that will be deciding my Post Conviction Relief appeal.

I have several supporters aiding this effort.

But id like all of your ideas and network info for support and groups in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, cities throughout the state, and/or surrounding states.

with your Ideas and network that con help in this effort.

We wanna plan some local rallies and other events to bring public awareness about the grave injustice of my case.

Hopefully we can speak action concerned and humane Indiana citizen to my cause.

Pleas show this massage far and wide.

Thank you YAHWEH bless you in advance


-Leon Benson ( feb, 28th, 2013)

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