Friday, 15 March 2013

What goes around comes around life is a circle,

What goes around
comes around
life is a circle,
Better stay
on ur square
so them haters
Cant hurt u,
When times get hard
just watch
who desert u,
Ur main round
that always say
that they luv u,
the same clown
who secretly
wanna murk u,
Im just droppin'
Life's jewels on my
Neices & nephews,
Thru the drama
It's a thing
called KARMA.
If it dont bit'em 2day
It'll bit'em tomorrow,

So dont be quick
to turndown Somebody
who needs to barrow,
Maybe a few dollars
a laugh
or pop a bottle,
That could be
the same person
the next day
to hit the lotto,
Ride pass yo ass
in their brand new
But dont be one
to cater, to people
'cuz they got
some chedder,
Or laugh to hard
at the top
as if
u think u better,
Or cry to hard
at the bottom
as if
yo pain wont let up,
'cuz one thing
about'em both
they dont
last forever! [*smile*]

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