Thursday, 2 February 2012


THE NEW RACISM FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: "Tacit Racism" A Psycho-social Theory."-by Leon Benson (2005-2011)

"Any candid obsserver of American racial history must acknowledge that racism is highly adaptable."-Michelle Alexander

While i languished w/in a security housing unit (SHU) solitary cell for 9 yrs& 4 months, i was able to objectively analyze society. My analysis always begin from my direct experiences then move outwardly. In this realism of approach to social science, i developed the theory of "tacit racism."

Here is an excerpt from my book THE WOMB OF THE BEAST: RADICAL PRISON GESTATION (not published):

"i wouldnt say that most of these white guards were out right racist, but most embraced moderate-to-boaderline extreme right wing (REPUBLICAN) ideologies; which has been historically xenophobic & racist toward people of color. At worst, i would describe most white guards in the SHU as tacitracist, which i define: (1)Sociology: the understood racism or enthnocentrism amongst majority groups or those that hold socio-political power in any society or situation, toward outside groups w/o verbal or direct statement being made. (2)Psychology: a subconscious pathological behavior of cultural groups that maneuver to maintain or gain superior position in socio-relationships over other groups while denying to be doing such. (3)Ethnomethodology: a commonsense (tacit) knowledge of all racial groups, in which members draw from implicit rules of how to carry on around outsiders."

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  1. Interesting. My fiance, who is white, has observed that exact same phenomenon but in the opposite way, from sentencing to the way he is treated inside. His judge was black, consistently sentenced other blacks leniently but harshly sentenced all non-blacks who came before him. Most of my fiance's black COs have displayed blatant racism in that they lock down all races but blacks and are intolerant in speaking to or interacting with any race other than their own.