Sunday, 5 February 2012


"Its visitin day at [the prison] always there to see/ our closest road dawg, becuz you aint neverhad a friend like me"-Tupac Shukur

Today me, my daughter L'Daisha, & nephew Lil Leon, went to vist my bro Leon @ Pendleton Correction! And these bastards turned us away for no good reason. First, the recepting guard said Lil Leon couldnt visit becuz he didnt have a birth certificate; altho he has usedhis school ID every other time he visited with his Mother.

Becuz of my injuries still suffered from a 2010 car accident, i had a driver waiting for usin the prisons parking lot, & i told Lil Leon to go wait with the driver until we come back from visiting his father. But this rogue receptionist guardwas indifferent to this too. And when i politely tried to explain the situation this guard concelled our visit entirely.

I felt very cheated and disrespected. My 13 y/o daughter has never hugged her uncle her entire life and this was her first chance to do so. Now this wont happpen today. On top of that we drove for 6 hrs from Flint, Michigan to see Leon.

I had to fight with everything in my heart not to cuss those lame ass guards out. This guard who cancelled our visit seem to have it in for my bro. He was all smiles until I said I visiting Leon Benson. The prison guards were there with dogs barking at us like it was 1960s.

IDOC will hear my most indignant complaints for this. But this wont stop us from visiting again: FREE LEON!

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