Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gon ride out my freedom

i thought she loved me. But i found out that she was in love w/ the ideal of who i am. She said she aint gon' ride out my freedom fight if i dont marriage or make her my woman. But then she turnt around & say,"Leon i cant help w/ your freedom fight anymore because i dont know if you gonna be w/ me when you get out!" And i thought:"Damn now you gone.If im never freed i cant be w/ you in the way you want me to.Why youre so selfish & conditional w/your love for me? Why's your love hurtful instead of healing? "

Ladies this is an allegory to get peoples attention. This isnt happening to Leon now. But he wanted me to put it out there to bring awareness to woman not to love prisoners the wrong way. Real love is real love despite any prison wall or distance. But there are a lot of emotional immature people out there.
Lee Bently

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