Monday, 2 January 2012


"If you are afraid to tell the dont even deserve freedom."-Malcolm X

speak it:

Pain & catastrophe
i feel you demons after me,
hit me hard
like Ray Lewis tacklin me,
Mad at me,
for reasons
i dont know for my existence,
i hear shots
but they missin,
Their attempts
getting persistant,
If its a dream
please pinch me,
im missin YAH
by half of inches,
But best believe
before i leave,
im takin a few
of them wit me,

Set me or wet me up
i guess it all came with war,
Every second
around the world we live in
blood hit the floor,
Keep chasing me
with a passion,
They gon end up
in a casket,
ima laugh
until i cry,
at the moment
of their demise,
i follow the First
Golden Rule
of the streets:

They've been
chasing me
for centuries,
killin me,
Instead slavery
now dayz
its death
or penitentiary,
Economically & socially
WE've been deprived,
In a fixed system
thats against us
forced us to hit the block
WE were blind
to the facts,
smokin 'dro
& drinkin yac,
They had their feet
on our necks
while our hands
were tied behind our backs,

Now that im
consciously aware
i got you bigots
in my sights,
From a caterpiller
to a moth
outthe darkness
to the light,
You've been
by~ L.B. 448

LAST THOUGHT: "Every artist, every scientist, must decide now where he stands. He has noalternative...The artist must elect to fight for freedom or for slavery. I have made my choice."-Paul Robeson

2012, i'll keep fightin for FREEDOM!!

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