Sunday, 11 September 2011


After i've inhumanely being subjected with the unimaginable experiences of 13yrs of false imprisonment in Indiana. i've come to realize that im the very definition of living vicarious:

(Vicarious/adj. 1) experience or realized through imagination, second hand, or indirect participation in the experience of another. 2) suffered, undergone, or done as sustitute for another. 3) delegation. 4) taking the place of another)

Firstly, on August 8, 1998 some reckless person murdered Kasey Scheon in cold blood, yet the law authorities forced me to stand trial for the same crime i absolutely had no involvement in. As a result, i felt the "second hand" wrath of accusations due to a killers reckless action.

Secondly, because i was a young Afrikan-male from the hood & an adamant part of Hip-Hop culture, that mainstream media attach negative stereotypes. It generated fear in those who wasnt directly familar with my race, culture, & generation. Therefore, i became an"assigned delegate" for all the negative stereotypes of young black men, esp. the one who really committed the murder i was being tried for, when jurors found me guilty of the murder on July 8, 1999 using blatantly conflicting evidence & logic(probably saying he the only black dude being tried it must've been him).

Finally, for 13yrs i've been falsely imprisoned in an Indiana prison under the weight of a 60yr sentence, while enduring all the pains & losses that comes with it"in the place of another"person who did the killing, & whose walking free in society as if nothing happened.

I am still angered to no ends about the entire situation. Me & Kasey Schoen(R.I.P) remain the victims of a corrupt judical system.

Vicariously, i hope you can feel my pain & stuggle so strongly that it sparks indignation within your heart & mind; allow this spark to compel you to sincerely extend a helping hand to resolve this injustice; & discover the gems of humanity & justice along the way. Thank you in advance & for your time.


Leon Benson


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