Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Real freedom movement.

Dear Friends & Supporters:

"No one will under take to aid us unless they sense the power of our movement."- Comrade George L. Jackson"We make a living by what we get, but we make life by what we give."-Winston Churchill

Happy new years!! Its my time to shine. In this new year im makin changes to my freedom campaign. i must command my own fate & specific actions from my supporters. We dont need these fake & childish actions thative been told that occurr on FB (e.g.,.ppl only posting lip service, likes, or pics on pages but wont put forth real actions for the cause). i dont needthat bullcrap. Its a waste of time. In contrast, i need my supporters to be an example of power of a real freedom movement.

This power comes in our unity, solidary, & persistance of specific actions regarding my plight. So i ask that my supporters communicate w/ & encourage each other in public or private. There's no other way to be successful. Inbox if you have ideas & questions.

REQUEST: Time's of the essence. i need yall to concentrate your energyin the following actions: 1) i need an attorney. How? Contact pro bono & legal institutes w/ my case info requesting they back my PCR case. 2) Fundraise. How? Buy & sell my stuff, or donate & have others do so @ & .3) Publicity. How?Post my case, fundraiser, & event info on your FB friends & groups pages & on other sites. Contact news/radio outlets.

AIM: That a good legal firm or institue is backing my case in the next 3 months; that my case is before the PCR court in the next 6 months; & that i have the proper financial security to take what ever legal action that may arise (i.e., a new trial, appeal, or start money afterexoneration).

i plead to my loyal friends & supporters to give your best in helping me bring this righteous vision to life. i know some of you more personal than others. But if you havent met me personally, dont allow that to detour your most sincere & keen action on my behalf. My innocence is real & my freedom can be practically reached through the actions put forth above. This isnt a campaign of deception like many others out there. im the real deal!Please be the "real deal" for me. Until we meet amid the smiles of freedom.

i thank you in advance & for your time. May YAHWEH bless you a 1000 fold.sincerly,

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