Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Since we are reflections of YAHWEH/ALLAH/GOD who once flooded the earth in his tears of wrath, for those who betrayed him, i believe those of us who are wronged has a right to feel like this: "HURL ME INTO THE NEXT EXISTANCE. THE DECENT INTO HELL WONT TURN ME. THEY WONT DEFEAT MY REVENGE, NO NEVER, NEVER. IM FROM A RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE WHO ANGERS SLOWLY, BUT RAGES UNDAMMED. WE WILL ASSEMBLE AT HIS DOOR IN SUCH NUMBERS, THAT THE THE MARCHING OF OUR FEET WILL MAKE THE EARTH TREMBLE!"-George L. Jackson ......I hope you know that our brother L.B. is still angery at those who lied on him, oppresses him, betrayed him....., dont get it twisted: Bently's Back to shake up the world and every hater in. MY TIME TO SHINE IS NEAR!

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