Friday, 24 August 2012


Suspicious people are really good people that have been GOT? PERSPECTIVE: How many of yall been got before? How were you got? Is it hard for you trust others easily now! Well i was got by the system. I was betrayed by lady liberity when i was sent to prison for a crime i didnt commit. Lawyers and others stole money from me when i needed it the most. Ive been got for my heart too many times to count. No one can tell you about being got like me, and the chains of lies, betrayal, indifference, and mockery shackled my soul beyond suspicion, for years my prison within a prison was paranoia. How would you feel? However, once i put my trust in GOD i stop been so cynical and suspicious of others. Then i gained the wisdom to know the diffence. But even the best will get got every now and then. Such is life. Now that you know all ive been thru to give you my trust out there, trust in me more! Trust is like love, they'er actions not nouns, and they'er both 2-way streets. Im not gonna keep trusting in those who dont trust in me. Where they do that at? TRUTH NEVER DIES IT KEEPS REACHING OUT TO YOU, Leon Benson freeleon/petition.html

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