Sunday, 4 September 2011


________________________A CALL TO ACTION

Take  part in Leon Benson's (LB)freedom campaign,its not enough to sign  petitions, pray, write letters,or sing songs. Instead WE must fashion  this movement w/ the communities  in the local Indiana/Indianapolis  areas and those around you in your part of the world;only then, will  prayers, petitions, letters, & songs will make a real difference b/c  it will come from the actions to connect w/ the community.

In  order to achieve real progress, WE must be a living part of LB's life  & movement; WE must be an element of the popular & practical  pulse of the world, which is entirely called for to process LB's  exoneration. There's no place outside of that approach of any freedom  fighter whose concerned w/ & completely at unity w/ LB, other  freedom fighters, & the public   to make this freedom movement.


One  of the keys of a successful campaign is constructive, secretive if need  be, & swift communication amongst each supporter. This'll make our  actions more powerful toward all our aims. Join the movement.

If  you received this message you are considered to be a valuable supporter  of LB's innocence, or a supporter thinks you care enough to be  notified.

Please send this message to 7 people whom will be ready to join LB in his fight &/or extend this link to others.

For  more info on LB's case go: <> or  Google<FREE LEONBENSON> and see his efforts made throughout the  years.

Contact available supporters for the latest case updates and network opportunities:

*Keith Anderson: <>
*Aron Brown:            1-317-413-1004      

*Euranus Dyson:            1-317-223-6396      

*Dontay Gaither:            1-317-657-1508      

*Benji Gaither:            1-317-658-2212      

*Lana Holms:            1-954-330-7822      
*Philip Shelton:            314-560-4647      

*F.A.N.O:            1-317-225-6383      

*Alisa Lee:            1-202-421-1124      

*Elish Delaproser:

(NOTE: insert your name and phone# or email before forwarding)

Contact LB direct:

Leon Benson#995256


4490 W. Reformatory Rd.


Thank you for your time and WE thank you in advance for your help in freeing LB.



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