Sunday, 4 September 2011


A week a so ago, Casey Anthony was aquitted of the brutal murder of her 3yr old daughter,Caylee. This was shocking to all observers of the highly televised 2 month trial, due to all the cirumstantial evidence against her that pointed to guilt.

Probably the most revealing was her defense's desperate approach of claiming Caylee died in a swimming accident and Casey's father tried to cover the accident up. And that Casey was afraid to tell athorities because she feared her father because he molested her as a child. All of this was meant to destract the jurors from Casey's lies to police about a nanny having Caylee 30 days before she reported the baby missing; lies about where she worked;and lies, lies, lies...not to mention her odd  party-girl behavior amid her daughter being missing.

What factors contributed to her unlikely aquital? Lets see:

1) The case caught the eye of the media because they felt a deep indignation toward the monster of a person that killed, little, innocent,Caylee. And when the world is watching a case so close, it helps to keep other wise unethical legal officals in check.

2) If found guilty Anthony faced the death penalty. Her defense team fought mostly to save her from death. They were a group of well trained lawyers in death penalty cases. Usually death penalty cases are handled very carefully by state and defense attorneys a like.

3) Having the most objective or sympathetic  jury one could imagine? i dont know, but the state had no actual evidence linking Anthony to the murder. But ive seen defendants get found guilty of far less circumstantial evidence against them. Im sure the jurors must have still believed that  Anthony was guilty tho they aquited her because the state didnt present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of her guilt.

Ok, Anthony got an unusually fair trial. The system worked for her ironically. But the facts remain, that the system failed lil Caylee, and other victims who perpetrators got aquited or who was never arrested and still at large to kill other innocent people.


When we look at the aquital of Anthony, its hard not to become sick to the stomach, when thinking about the many innocent people in prison or death row, who were FALSELY CONVICTED.

This is a tripple injustice when the victim, the victim's family, and the person falsely convicted are left with no justice that they truly and righteously deserved. These factors alone are being mocked, deeply, when the same judical system allows a guilty person to walk free.

Lets focus on freeing the innocent and finding some semblance of justice for the many murder victims like, Caylee, but who have became nameless.

One such victim is Kasey Shoen, who was murdered in Idianapolis, Indiana in 1998. The tragedy is Leon Benson has been falsely imprisoned for Sheon's murder since 1998. Unlike the Anthony case, there was overwelming evidence of his innocence to start. But his case wasnt a death penalty case, nor was it highly pubicized in the local or national media.

However, now we have the power to correct a mistake of the system through a collective efforts to exonerate Leon Benson.

Lets use the righteous indignation, from Lil Caylee not receiving justice, to fight for the same justice for Leon and Kasey. Then we can show the system how justice is truly appied to the right people.

Com'on, the fight started yeserday. Joint the fight with us and others in Indiana, Michigan, and world wide to free Leon Benson.



(Google: "free leon benson"to get details of the case and campaign)

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