Sunday, 27 January 2013

Petition to exonerate the false murder conviction of Leon Benson

Leon Benson is an innocent man falsely convicted of murder serving a 60-year sentence. We exonerate him; we urge you to do the same you must review the facts. A witness conspicuously testified that Mr. Benson was with her in an apartment during the crime. The one alleged eye-witness of the shooting somehow identified Leon as the shooter, but he did not match her original description; remember she was half a football field away from the crime The first trial ended in a hung jury, 6 not guilty, one undecided, May 25, 1999, then less than two months later he was found guilty in the new trial. Also, there were many trial errors due to prosecution misconduct. This cannot be tolerated in Indiana or any state. The material facts of the evidence clearly demonstrate a murderer is still on the streets, yet the blame is falsely on Leon Benson. Investigate and exonerate.

 justice will prevail please Sign !

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