Tuesday, 11 December 2012


WE back in the good fight: In Apirl of 2012 we hired a PCR (Post Conviction Relief) appeal lawyer, Eric Koselke, of Indianapolis, Indiana, to head Leon's PCR. We were refered to hire Mr. Koselke by renowned Indiana humanities lawyer, Monica Foster. She done this because she didnt have the time to take on Leon's case, but assured us of her confidence in Mr. Koselke because of his work w/ her and his over 25 years of law experience in Indiana courts. He cost Leon $15,000.00 to obtain. This money came from the sells of Leon's books and donations from FAM & friends to his legal defense fund @ www.iofthestormleonbenson.wordpress.com. However, this dont cover the cost of the PCR outcome: a REVERSE for new trial (or) a DENIAL for PCR appeal. Therefore, We are trying to be perpared financially for whatever the PCR outcome. So we will be picking up the fundraising efforts from this point on - online & in communities worldwide. Join this effort now. Of course, w/ all the new evidence (i.e., real eyewitnesses who identified someone else as the killer, scientific expert testimony the proves the state's sole eyewitness could see nothing, among other evidence in trial records) being presented in Leon's PCR that proves his innocence, we know that by law (not hope) that this case should be won on the PCR level and will be if it is forced to Federal Court for sure. But our aim is to resolve this injustice now. Mr. Koselke is near completion of his investigation of the case. Therefore, Leon's case will filed in the Marion County Superior Court in Indianapolis, Indiana in the next couple weeks. Leon strongly tell us from a letter,"im beyond sure that i will win my case. But WE can not chance nothing, because like the rapper Drake sings,"IT AIN'T OVER/IT'S FAR FROM OVER!" Although i appear to be the strongest warrior, i still need y'all support out there to be victorious. Thank you for all your love so far, its been the fuel that has kept me strong. Lets keep fighting the good fight. TRUTH NEVER DIES! Solidarity." If you have any questions of fundraising efforts inbox me (Val) here @Lee Benson or at @Valerie Buford. But if you have questions concerning Leon's legal representation contact his lawyer below: Attorney Eric K. Koselke 6202 N. College Ave. Indpls, IN, 46220 Ph#(317)-722-2591 Facsimile#(317)257-5300 I want to thank all of you who have supported my brother's innocence with your sincere actions, and not just w/ empty promises.
 We will continue to fight the good fight. Until Freedom's Made, Valerie Buford

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