Sunday, 18 March 2012

I woke up today

I woke up today
the feelin'was odd,
looked in the mirror:
a tear in my eye,
signifying all the wars
we don' survived,
shoots by a system
w/bullets of lies,
to being on our death bed
refusing to die,
`cuz w worshipped Freedom
like it was a God,
The Most High is w/in
dont look to the sky,
Our souls mended like steel
from walkin' through fire,
Forever ready for our foes
YAH[WEH] gave us the nod,
to break outta mental prison
it all a mirage,
Inbetween today & destiny
what a menage?
But i'm most faithful to Freedom
she weigh on my heart,
my ambitions,is turnin' vicious
they barkin' like dogs,
ready to bite my legal issues
that's never resolved,
Through the years if you fought for me
i send my regards,
but a middle finger to you haters
before i depart.......

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