Monday, 23 January 2012

WE ARE TROY DAVIS!! By Leon Benson

Per Leon Benson: Originally, my words were dedicated to Troy Davis in protest to his execution set September 21, 2011. Unfortunately, Troy was murdered by the state of Georgia on that date.
Because i am falsely imprisoned, tho not on death row, i deeply empathize with the indignation, lost, & tears, of Troy Davis' clearly erroneous execution, & that of others before & possibly after him.
Today my words are dedicated to all who were lost to the death penalty; to all who are on death row and still fighting for their lives today; to all who are fighting in society to completely abolish the death penalty; & to all who are in society living free & to those in prison growing old, as a reminder that Troy Davis' tragic murder could've been any one of us & still can be. Therefore, you & i are Troy Davis. TRUTH NEVER DIES.

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