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Soul Autumn" By Leon Benson

I am presenting you all with this writting by my brother Leon Benson, so you can get to know him as I do. He is a true warrior and a courages one. Tomorow is his soul date and I am ytrying to give him a present that I believe he deserves, as he deserves freedom. Please read, share, repost, comment, sign his petition!!


"Soul Autumn"
By Leon Benson

"Sometime the tornadoes of life flickers us aimlessly like brown autumn leaves; but the winds of our very hearts, minds and souls can make the entire world flicker with a single act of kindness" ~ Leon Benson

Declaration of Innocence: The Soul of Leon Benson, 2006 (To be blogged in full soon)

"While I now stand before the mirrors of my life’s past, present, & future; it seems that I’m always falling or will be falling in one way or another" All falling is not to be misunderstood as something bad because one can fall in love, fall into the right crowd of people, or fall on good fortune, as well as falling down in any bad sense.
Maybe this same complexity and irony of the perception of falling is the very reason autumn is my favorite season of the year, yet my most disliked season of the year too?
I mean autumn has the most balance and imbalance than all the other seasons of the year.
With in an autumn week you may experience a rainy day, a sunny day, a gloomy day, a bitingly cold day, a windy day, a calm day, and even a day with the combination of all these weather fronts occurring at once.
The balance of this imbalance comes from that of the variations of weather fronts through three month duration.
I can remember as far back in my life as when I was a 7 year old little boy , when I use to go and sit in the back yard of the flint, Michigan home I grew up in, on a sunny mid October afternoon I would sit there for hours on end fascinating as I stared at the collage of green, red, orange, yellow and brown leaves sprinkled through out the tree tops above, and I would watch leaf by leaf fall gently to the ground, although it took only seconds for this to happen it seemed like each leaf would take a life time to fall to the ground while I watched back then.
With each leaf that fell from the tree limbs; it was a new thought and perspective that came to me. The four oak trees whose branches provided shade over the
Back yard in the summer time, now were becoming bear by the second. These branches started looking like hands to me, hands that were so high I thought if I could climb to the very top of those trees that their branches would have placed me in the heavens!
Today as I stand here 23 years later, I still think about those highlighted moments of my childhood and I wonder of their meaning, if any:
"Why did these natural features of nature fascinate me so much as a young child? Was it because I saw the gentleness of death and change when a dying leaf fell to the ground? Maybe my young thoughts wanted to see something gracefully magnificent out of something that was so banal? Or I must’ve some how knew at that early age that I would one day fall from the branches of grace; like a brown leaf on to the ground of desolation. Was I only trying to enjoy the nature while I still had it?
Who knows?, but I’ve grown to know from my years of deprivation from nature, that like the autumn season the colour and weather of my soul seems as unpredictable, but in the sense of my souls meaning or what one can interpret of it all at any given moment. My soul is a mixture of good and bad, happiness and sadness, life and death, all occurring at once like the effects autumn has on nature.
Isn’t this how the scheme of the world is too? That is, everything happening at the same time like when an elderly man dies a baby is born somewhere in the world simultaneously or like when a person receives the illumination of justice another person is receiving the shadow of injustice simultaneously too ect….
Sometimes though, I feel like this freak of human nature because I’m afflicted with the intensity of good and bad thoughts and emotions, simultaneously. Sometimes this causes me internal conflict or solace. I’m not an evil person but I feel evil towards those individuals who are being evil to me, my loved ones or innocent people, yet I do have a good heart ( even when no one is looking) I’m not an innocent person but I’m innocent of murder against any human being!
While I’ve been immersed behind the walls of desolation I feel as though sometimes I am too balanced within the storm of my circumstances.
It’s like I’m equally good and bad. I’m good enough to love unconditionally, to protect the lives of the weak, to take the initiative to do the right thing when no one else will, to give my life for the people causes and principals I love and respect the most; yet I’m bad enough to curse you and the heavens out at times, to close my eyes to some injustices of the world, to be vengeful and to kill in self- preservation.
I guess I’m like a red rose, because a rose is beautiful to the eye and sweet to the nose but if you pick it up in the wrong way you will get poked by the sharp thorns on its stem. And if you’re honest? When you look at every human being they are constructed the same way internally; of course with the variations between each individual good and bad attributes of character.
I am confident yet insecure, I am narcissistic yet I hate parts of my appearance, I have belief but I am hopeless, I am a cultivator yet a destroyer, I am a dream yet a nightmare; I am triumph yet defeat; I am handsome yet ugly, I am clenched fists yet handshakes, I am fearful yet brave; I am intelligent yet ignorant as a hundred elementary school drop outs, yet I am liberation yet bondage ; I am forgiveness yet a grudge; I am peace yet a feud; I am clarity yet enigmatic; I am simple yet complicated ; I am a smile yet a frown; I am divinity yet nefariousness; I am bold man yet gentle child; I am growth yet stagnation; I am young yet elderly; I am a lover to the highest degrees yet a hater to the lowest; I am poverty yet wealth; I am life yet death; and I know exactly who I am yet I am a stranger to myself!….
I am a human being in natural internal conflict - like autumn!

So I’m always falling one way or another. Beyond anything else, I hope that while I’m presently falling due to the shoves of the injustice, that by chance I’m able to fall into the right crowd of people, fall in love and fall on fortune before it’s all to late.
Please don’t be like the fascinated child I once was who watched as the leaves fall gently from the tree top onto the ground without at least trying to allow a single brown leaf to fall in to your palms. Because by intervening with the fall of "this brown leaf" you’ll bring a divine meaning and purpose to an other wise wicked feature of human nature; even more important for you to act immediately to stop "this brown leafs" fall of injustice is because its not a natural feature of nature - as the wind shaking leaves from tree branches in the wilderness causing them to fall and flicker - when the hands of unrighteous men purposely shake tree branches until every leaf falls onto the ground, even the green ones.
Upon my false arrest 8/14/98 I was like green leaves with youth at the tender age of 22 yrs old. Now due to my injustice detachment from the branches of freedom’ I’ve died and hardened a lot like a brown autumn leaf. However my veins are still green with life due to my internal and external innocence of a crime
Now the tree branches of time to take proper actions on my behalf are almost bear before the external winters of injustice will appear and totally consume my existence. So I plead to you with my very soul with in the autumn of the fight for
My freedom and justice’ that you will not allow this brown leaf of an innocent man to ever fatally crash onto the cold dirt’s of injustice, by you using the divinely powerful wind of your very heart, mind, and soul in you acts of humanity toward my campaign. Never doubt what even the smallest acts of your humanity can

Contribute to me. Remember world history tells us that the winds of humanity seem to always come together during a systematic tragedy, to flicker the entire world into positive change!
And the perspective of autumn that is so sad that I dislike is the fact we have no control over its wailing winds, cold rainy evenings or the naked woods it leaves behind with no conscience. However, autumns harvest of fruits and Beauty not only fills our empty farm baskets, but it also fills our souls with the eternal thankfulness for its gifts to our very survival.
Autumn is the only season that we can vividly watch the process of life to death in such a short period of time! Therefore, receiving the wisdom that life is truly short!

So I’m sincerely asking you to fill the empty branches of my need of immediate help by the harvest of your multi- coloured hands of humanity. I guarantee you, the brown leaf of this innocent man has meaning and a purpose that’s worth your time and effort.
"The falling leaf!"
It’s so often misunderstood,
Shouldn’t it be apparent?
That the green, red, orange, yellow and brown leaves
Are brothers and sisters
From different necks of the woods?
"The fallen leaf!"
Isn’t just natures flip of a coin,
Something born with hardness
And fragilness
Or a stage in life it wanted to join!
"The fallen leaf!"
Can grow from deep in your soul
Like love and justice
That can flicker aimlessly through the world,
And touch every woman, man, boy and girl!
"The fallen leaf!"
Has the poetry of inspiration
Just open your soul to see,
That it’s only a single leaf
From a much bigger branch
We all know as
"Humanity’s Tree!’

Well, it’s time for me to go now because the autumn of my false imprisonment is quickly approaching winter. But I appreciate this moment we have shared observing the beauty and ugliness of autumn and some of it’s similarities to the nature of man. So never hesitate to use the green thumb of you consciousness to harvest the fruits and beauty of humanity by sowing the seeds of kindness when ever the opportunity presents it’s self.
I thank you in advance, until we meet, wail the winds of a righteous heart, mind and soul. And by chance a portion of that wind will flicker me to fall into the receiving hands of exoneration.
Leon Benson
"The fallen brown leaf"

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