Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Here's 10 reasons why ppl cant come up:

1)APATHY- if u cant care for others who gon care 4 u?

2)PROCRATINATION- find ppl doing what u need to do & break stillness.

3)EMOTIONALISM- get out ur feelings
& use logic.

4)FOLLOWER MIND- find ur own path.

5)CAPITALISM- everything aint about $$$ use ya morals 4 purpose too.

6)OVERCOMPENSATING- if u do ur home work u wont have to be all defensive when ppl call u out.

7)BLIND FAITH- only blind faith u better have is in ur GOD, other than u trippin

8)SALVATION SEEKING- stop waiting on Jesus to come or whoever else u think will give u salvation. This can only be found in ur self.

9)WEARING THE MASK- stop acting like u are ok when ur not. Take the damn mask off and be real with ur self.

10)INSTANT GRATIFICATION- stop jumping at everything ur urgs desire. Anything worth wow take time & cultivation.

PERSPECTIVE:Follow these rules and u will mad bread to stack up, if not stay a broke bastard in heart & material. Lets get it!

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