Friday, 11 November 2011


CASE ALERT: "After a phone conference with me, Leon via on my 3-way, the lawyer Brent Welke & his paralegal Joseph Everroad, it was apparent they have no intent to work on Leon's case properly. It was always something wrong in that firm's personal life whenever i'd call for updates. Today it all came out and they couldnt deny what me & bro observed in their malpractice of law & of the innocent. When they claimed not to have the trial transcripts yet after 6 months bro spased on their asses  and fired them. We asked for our money back. But Leon dont think these crooks are gonna come clean. Sighs. Why were this lawyer playing games with an innocent man's life. If my thoughts could kill right now. So we back on the hunt for a real lawyer, honestly, Leon's paranoid after dealing with these crooked bastaeds. Now our aim is this Petition & fundraising."c/o Val, hey call them bastards Brent Welke Firm @ 317-332-0015 or 317-748-7772 (Tell'em Leon's sis Val gave yall the #)

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