Sunday, 4 September 2011



After many years of imprisonment ive learnt the subtle, but important difference between holding a hand & handcuffing a soul;

ive learnt that love doesnt mean learning, & company doesnt mean friend or security;

ive learnt that kisses arent contracts, & gifts arent promises;

i began to accept the cirmstance around my defeats w/ my head up & my eyes open,w/ the grace of a warrior, not da grief of a victim;

ive learnt to build all your streets on today b/c tomorrow's roads are too uncertain for absolute plans. After a while i learnt that even sunshine burns if you get too much shine. So im moderate in all i do & ive seen that life nor love will ever get old or be too much for me;

ive learnt to hold myself more accountable than others in my life choices.Therefore, i plant my own gardens & decorate my own soul, rather than waiting for someone to bring me roses in this cage. i am the rose;

ive learnt that i can endure almost anything the world or haters throw my way; & that as long as i keep love in my heart  that i am truly powerful~one of me can defeat millions the world over. You hear me?

We all must live & learn. Some of us learn faster or slower than others. But the wise, no matter their age, learns best from the mistakes of fools. And i was one of biggest fools in my youth with much for you to learn from.

Be wise and learn to live life to fullest. Dont wait until its to late and be forced to learn these lessons like me.


THE CAGED ROSE...L.BThe caged rose speaks see: <></>

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